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7: Which Manifold?

The great majority of HSR installations use the stock intake manifold that has been fitted to all Big Twins and Sportsters for more than 20 years. This manifold is an excellent performer. It is reliable, has excellent airflow and is available. We recommend its use.

However, Should you choose to fit a Mikuni HSR45 or 48, you must fit a manifold other than the stock one. Also, if your engine has larger ports (the large S&S motors for example) or the heads have a non-standard spacing (many S&S strokers or some other clone engine designs), then you must fit a non-standard manifold.

Mikuni produces an alternate manifold design. Our manifold's two piece construction allows us fit different rubber flanges that accept 42, 45 or 48 millimeter HSR carburetors.

All current (May 2002) Mikuni manifolds are machined to fit stock (40mm) intake ports and cannot be used with large (usually 45mm) ports. Also, they are machined to fit engines with stock cylinder head spacing only. We make both Evo and Twin Cam versions of our manifold.

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