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 (Feb 2002)

Mikuni participates in a number of trade shows and motorcycle rallies around America each year. Rob Hassay's "Pro Tour" truck carries Mikuni's display and literature to some 18 rallies, meets and shows. You should be able to find his truck and our "stuff" at many of the larger rallies.

Technical and sales folk from Mikuni join Pro Tour in Indianapolis and Cincinnati, which are industry-only, shows. They also join the truck in Daytona, Laughlin, Myrtle Beach, Laconia, Long Beach and Sturgis. Drop by for info about Mikuni kits and tech-talk about applications using them.

 Photos from the Cincinnati show:
Mikuni introduced the "HSR48 Double Throw-Down Racer's Kit" (DTDRK) at the Cincinnati show. This is the ultimate Mikuni Performance package.

The DTDR kit includes every tuning part for the humongous HSR48 carburetor, including a highly trained and experienced mechanic. This is the most complete tuning kit ever, from any source!

However, there may be a small delay in delivery of the kit as we need to work on extending the shelf life of the mechanic.
The guy in the middle, the one you can hardly see, is the legendary Jerry Branch. Jerry is now almost retired and finally has time to travel & talk to all those folks who have done business with Branch Flowmetrics over the years.

Jerry pioneered high performance street Harleys and has an unequalled collection of funny war stories.
Rivera Engineering uses Mikuni carburetors in many of its exotic carb kits. From Shovelhead/Mikuni conversions to dual carb set-ups for Evos & Twin Cams, Rivera offers functional but exotic Harley applications using our HSR series carburetors.
The Mikuni booth, in all its glory. We pride ourselves in our customer service. It is a Mikuni American tradition and we enjoy talking with our customers.

We'll be at the Indy show in February on the weekend of the 16th through Monday the 18th.

If you can make it to Daytona, we'll see you behind the Harley dealer!

Photos from the Indianapolis show:
The same booth two weeks later up in "Indy." We talked with hundreds of dealers and their mechanics about our product line. The growing success of the HSR series carbs was reflected in the number of mechanics that stopped by and told that they now strongly recommend them to all their customers.

Harley-Davidson's growing sales of the HSR "Screamin' Eagle" version (the chromed top cover is the only difference) is proof of the carburetor's success in the field. Mechanics like them. Harley owners like them. And, Harley likes them enough to have added our HSR45 to its Screamin' Eagle line.
A beautiful Patrick Racing billet motor with a polished HSR45. The engine is probably around 120+ cubic inches, 120 ft./lbs. torque & 120 Horsepower. Patrick Racing uses Mikunis exclusively because, like the motors themselves, there is no finer to be had.

Patrick builds twin Mikuni kits using their custom manifold. The manifold points the side-by-side carbs forward and out. There is a significant gain in mid-range torque and a small top-end gain with the dual carb set up.
This was the White Brothers display of Mikuni carbs, kits & parts. It points out how important distributors like White Brothers consider the Mikuni line of products. They wouldn't use expensive display space at a trade show on something they weren't proud to sell!
This clever bit of work is CCI's Rev Tech 100-inch motor with a set of "Knuckle Head" look-alike rocker covers. Harley's decades-old Knuckle Head engine is considered by many to be one of the best-looking Harley motors ever. The CCI rockers re-captures some of that look.

Oh, by the way, that is a Mikuni HSR42 sitting between the heads. It is sort of the meat in a "Knuckle Sandwich."
What the ----? Yep, three of 'em!

Copyright (C) 2002, Mikuni American Corporation All Right Reserved.