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This page lists many of our carburetor owner's and tuning manuals. Download and read or print these documents by clicking on the titles below.

NOTE: When you click on one of the manuals in this list, Adobe Reader will load and proceed to download the chosen manual. This could take some time on slow connections as some of the manuals are rather large. Their size is noted to the right of each manual title.

Harley-Davidson Applications:
HSR Tuning Manual  (3.6 MB) revised 02/10/03
HSR42 Exploded View  (.7 MB) revised 12/18/01  
Easy Kit Installation Instructions (2.0 MB) revised 01/23/02
Total Kit Installation Instructions (1.7 MB) revised 01/22/02
Sportster/Buell Installation Instructions (1.8 MB) revised 01/23/02
PAT Upgrade Kit Installation Instructions (.4 MB)
HS40 Tuning Manual & Parts List (1.3 MB)
HSR48 Exploded View & Data Sheet (.9 MB)
Other Motorcycle Applications:
RS Series Applications & Parts Lists  (7.8 MB, very large file)
VM "Round Slide" Tuning Manual  (1.3 MB)
TM33 "Pumper" Exploded View & Parts List  (.25MB)
Watercraft Applications:
Super BN Owner's Manual (3.8 MB, large file)
Super BN 38/44 Exploded View & Parts List (.6MB)
BN 46I Exploded View & Parts List (.6MB)

These documents are presented in the Adobe "PDF" format. They can only be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 4 or later). If you do not have this free program, you may go to the Adobe site and download it or by clicking the Adobe icon located below. The download and installation is simple and easy. However it is large (over 5 MB) and may require some time over a slow connection.

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